Business Aspects in Tourism (Business Aspects in Tourism) in spring 2015
Dunajeva Jekatyerina, Mon 10:15–11:45, R 438, host: DEAL (R306)
4-credit lecture, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-001
description & set texts
This class focuses on the business side of tourism; we will mainly analyze tourism in contemporary Hungary, assessing various incentives and benefits of the industry, as well as potential challenges that tourists face. The class has 2 main components: a theoretical section, when students are asked to read relevant articles, learn jargon and vocabulary from the field, and have informed opinion about the topic, and a practical section, when students are asked to make presentations, conduct independent research and design business models to improve a chosen aspect of tourism industry.
requirements & assessment
Preparation for and participation in class, attendance, completion of all assignments (in class and at home), and keeping up with readings. Grades consist of assignments in class, at home, and presentation.