Research Methods in Libraries and on the Internet (A könyvtári kutatás módszertana) in spring 2011
Frank Tibor, Thu 11:00–12:30, R 433, host: DAS (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-AMW-102
description & set texts
Students in this class examine the methods of library and internet research. After a detailed introduction to Hungarian and international libraries, students study the methods of building library- and internet-based bibliographies. Students are required to prepare thematic bibliographies, both in class and at home. Primary and secondary sources. Visiting the University Library (ELTE Egyetemi Könyvtár). The seminar helps students prepare their own papers and theses. Seminar Topics • Libraries in Hungary • International libraries • Challenges of the internet • Search engines • Web pages • Taking notes • MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian • The art of footnotes • How to build a bibliography? • How to find literature on the internet? • Footnotes vs references • Primary and secondary sources • What is plagiarism? Recommended Readings • Umberto Eco, Hogyan írjunk szakdolgozatot? (Budapest, 1992) • Jacques Barzun and Henry F. Graff, The Modern Researcher (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985) • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th ed., MLA, 2009) • Audrey J. Roth, The Research Paper: Process, Form, Content (Wadsworth, 1995) • Anthony C. Sherman, The Research Paper Guide (Pendulum, 1976) • Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (7th ed., University of Chicago Press, 2007)
requirements & assessment
Requirements Mandatory attendance and active participation, oral presentation, bibliographies Grading Attendance 10%, participation 40%, presentation 25%, bibliographies 25%