Civil War and Reconstruction (A polgárháború és a rekonstrukció) in spring 2019
Hoversen, William, Thu 13:00–14:30, R433, host: DAS (R306)
5-credit seminar, 30 h/term
description & set texts
The Civil War was fought to preserve the Union, but transformed into a moral struggle regarding the very existence of the institution of slavery. Following its conclusion, the country was forced to mend the wounds, all the while, rebuilding the nation and integrating those once enslaved. This class will focus on the causes and effects of the single bloodiest conflict in American history and how the South was reconstructed following its end. Heavy attention will be paid to the war’s major events, the strategies and aims of the governments, the sacrifices and decisions made by both parties during the conflict, and the American icons who took part. Texts: Grant, U. (1885). Personal Memoirs Of U. S. Grant. McPherson, J. and McPherson, J. (2008). The Battle cry of freedom. New York, N.Y.: Tess Press. Wiley, B. (1994). The Life of Johnny Reb & the Life of Billy Yank. New York: Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.
requirements & assessment
- 1000-word essay regarding some aspect of the war or the Reconstruction period: This can be a cultural, historical, military, or biographical. (all topics must be approved by me)—20% - Mid-Term Exam – 30% - End of Term Final Exam—50%