American culture 2 (Amerikai kultúra 2.) in spring 2019
Hoversen, William, Thu 14:30–16:00, R433, host: DAS (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: AME17-226
description & set texts
In American Culture 2, we will take the sociologist’s view of America, that is, as a single society/entity. While what we discuss will be talked about in broad strokes, it does matter, and simply saying “well, not everyone is like that,” is not enough to dismiss the ideas that we will come up with. We will look particularly at recent trends/movements within American society.
requirements & assessment
Evaluation: -Presentation on one aspect of American Culture. This can be a cultural trend, historical event with far reaching influence on the modern US, or an individual who has influenced the country 25% (Date of presentation will be determined in class and all topics must be approved by me) -In-class participation 15% -End of Term Final Exam 60%