American Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature (Sci-Fi és fantázia irodalom) in spring 2015
Ward, Stanley A., Thu 14:30–16:00, R439, host: DAS (R306)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: FLI11-101
description & set texts
This semester of American Science Fiction and Fantasy will take a look at several science fiction books, on the topics of the military, psionics, post-apocalyptic scenarios and time travel. This means that the texts we read in this class will focus on those topics, with an idea to understand what the author is saying about the United States, its society and government, through the medium of the text.
requirements & assessment
It is required that students read the texts assigned for this course. These texts will be book length works, so no short stories. Details will be discussed in class, with an eye towards understanding the messages of the text and being able to explain them. If you are afraid of reading actual books (3 or 4 each between 250-400 pages long for this semester) then do not join this class. A short quiz will be given after the reading of each text, to assess comprehension and understanding.