Philip Roth: A Life Through Fiction (Philip Roth: egy élet a regény tükrében) in spring 2015
Kovács Luca Lídia, Mon 14:00–15:30, R433, host: DAS (R306)
4-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: FLI11-101
description & set texts
This course aims at discovering and discussing some of the novels of one of the most well-known and most controversial writers of contemporary American literature, Philip Roth. The novels have been specifically chosen to fit the weekly meetings of the seminar group and serve as a mirror and as a tool to study the genre of the post-modern novel. The course also intends to put a special emphasis on the Jewish-American literary tradition and Roth’s place in the American/Jewish-American literary canon.
requirements & assessment
Students are required to read all the assigned texts and actively participate in the discussion during the seminar. The list of novels and short stories will be listed on the course syllabus. The course builds on the knowledge of American literature survey courses at the B.A. level. An end-term in-class test and a term-paper closes the course.