American English (Amerikai angol) in spring 2019
Putz Orsolya, Mon 11:30–13:00, R356, host: DAS (R306)
3-credit seminar, 30 h/term; strong prereq: BBN-ANG-241
description & set texts
The aim of this course is to study American English, a distinct variety of the English language, in a systematic manner. Differences between British and American English will be discussed on diverse levels of the language: pronunciation, spelling and punctuation, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, grammar, speaking style and miscellaneous differences.

Set texts

Zoltán Kövecses 2002. Bridge One – British and American English Differences for Learners of English with Exercises, Librotrade Kft. – MPL Könyv Kft.

requirements & assessment
Grades will be based on the students’ homework (20%); mid-term test (40%); end-term test (40%).