SEAS preregistration categories

In want of an absolutely fair method, preregistration for courses takes place in the following way: students are categorized according to their majors and the number of terms they have registered for so far. The categories are the following:

A:      AN-8+ AM-8+ ANN-7+ AMN-7+ AFN-7+ AF-6+ AT-4+ AFE-4+ AKN-2+ AK-2+
B:      AN-8  AM-8  ANN-7  AMN-7  AFN-7  AF-6  AT-4  AFE-4  AKN-2  AK-2
C:      AN-7  AM-7  ANN-6  AMN-6  AFN-6  AF-5  AT-3  AFE-3  AKN-1  AK-1
D:      AN-6  AM-6  ANN-5  AMN-5  AFN-5  AF-4  AT-2  AFE-2  AKN-0  AK-0
E:      AN-5  AM-5  ANN-4  AMN-4  AFN-4  AF-3  AT-1  AFE-1
F:      AN-4  AM-4  ANN-3  AMN-3  AFN-3  AF-2  AT-0  AFE-0
G:      AN-3  AM-3  ANN-2  AMN-2  AFN-2	 AF-1
H:      AN-2  AM-2  ANN-1  AMN-1  AFN-1	 AF-0
I:      AN-1  AM-1  ANN-0  AMN-0  AFN-0
J:      AN-0  AM-0

Category A contains AM and AN majors who have already registered for more than 8 terms, ANN, AMN, AFN majors with more than 7 terms, AT majors who have already registered for more than 4 terms, and AKN and AK (non-credit-system supplementary) majors who have already registered for more than 2 terms, etc.

Course lists are filled in the order of students' categories. If only some students of the same category have a place in a given course, their order is decided randomly for each course. (This method, proposed by Molnár Orsolya Cecília, does not predestine some students to fail to preregister for more courses than others, as did the previous method, whereby each student had a previously fixed queue number.)

Two groups of students are privileged:

They have the chance to preregister before everybody else.

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