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  1. BBN-AME17-216/a Hegyi Pál, American literature 4 (Mon 12:30–14:00, R433, DAS)
  2. BBN-AME17-216/b Bán Zsófia, American literature 4 (Thu 12:00–13:30, R432, DAS)
  3. BBN-AME17-216/c Benczik Vera, American literature 4 (Fri 12:00–13:30, R433, DAS)
  4. BBN-AME17-228/a Hoversen, William, American culture 2 (Mon 16:00–17:30, R432, DAS)
  5. BBN-AME17-228/b Fehér Réka, American culture 2 (Tue 11:00–12:30, R433, DAS)
  6. BBN-AME17-228/c Hoversen, William, American culture 2 (Thu 14:30–16:00, R433, DAS)
  7. BBN-AME17-236/a Hegyi Pál, American popular culture (Mon 14:30–16:00, R356, DAS)
  8. BBN-AME17-236/b Fehér Réka, American popular culture (Wed 14:30–16:00, R433, DAS)
  9. BBN-AME17-272/a Krausz Katinka, Canadian Course (Wed 09:00–10:30, R432, DAS)
  10. BBN-AME17-272/b Benczik Vera, Canadian Course (Fri 14:00–15:30, R356, DAS)
  11. BBN-AME17-312.04 Federmayer Éva, Ecology, Literature and Culture (Fri 11:30–13:00, R432, DAS)
  12. BBN-AME17-322.07 Szabó Éva Eszter, The 50 States: from Midwest to the West (Thu 14:00–15:30, R432, DAS)
  13. BBN-AME17-322.11 Putz Orsolya, Cognitiv Linguistics (Wed 10:30–12:00, R432, DAS)
  14. BBN-AME17-322.12 Cseh Dániel, Introduction to African-American History (Tue 14:00–15:30, R432, DAS)
  15. BBN-AME17-322.13 Cseh Dániel, Political cartoons: the Illustrated History of America (Thu 15:00–16:30, R356, DAS)
  16. BBN-AME17-322.14 Hoversen, William, Civil War and Reconstruction (Thu 13:00–14:30, R433, DAS)
  17. BBN-AME17-322.21 Magyarics Tamás, The Vietnam War (Tue 08:30–10:00, R356, DAS)
  18. BBN-AME17-322.91 Fehér Réka, American Military Culture (Wed 09:00–10:30, R356, DAS)
  19. BBN-AME-204/a Fehér Réka, American language development 2 (Mon 11:00–12:30, R433, DAS)
  20. BBN-AME-204/b Hoversen, William, American language development 2 (Mon 14:30–16:00, R432, DAS)
  21. BBN-AME-204/c Fehér Réka, American language development 2 (Tue 15:30–17:00, R433, DAS)
  22. BBN-AME-213 Hegyi Pál, American Literature 2 (Tue 08:30–10:00, I228, DAS)
  23. BBN-AME-221 Magyarics Tamás, History of the United States 1 (Thu 11:30–13:00, D126, DAS)
  24. BBN-AME-224/a Cseh Dániel, History of the United States 3 (Wed 10:30–12:00, R433, DAS)
  25. BBN-AME-224/b Szabó Éva Eszter, History of the United States 3 (Thu 08:30–10:00, R356, DAS)
  26. BBN-AME-224/c Szabó Éva Eszter, History of the United States 3 (Fri 10:00–11:30, R356, DAS)
  27. BBN-AME-232/a Putz Orsolya, American English (Mon 08:30–10:00, R356, DAS)
  28. BBN-AME-232/b Putz Orsolya, American English (Mon 11:30–13:00, R356, DAS)
  29. BBN-AME-232/c Farkas Orsolya, American English (Thu 11:30–13:00, R433, DAS)
  30. BBN-AME-232/d Farkas Orsolya, American English (Thu 13:30–15:00, R356, DAS)
  31. BBN-AME-232/e Farkas Orsolya, American English (Fri 09:00–10:30, R433, DAS)
  32. BBN-AME-232/f Farkas Orsolya, American English (Fri 11:30–13:00, R356, DAS)
  33. BBN-AME-232/g Farkas Orsolya, American English (Fri 13:30–15:00, R433, DAS)
  34. BMA-AMED17-211 Magyarics Tamás, The Political System of the U.S (Thu 08:30–10:00, R432, DAS)
  35. BMA-AMED17-220 Frank Tibor, From Immigration to Multiculturality: Assimilation in the U.S (Thu 10:00–11:30, R356, DAS)
  36. BMA-AMED17-230 Bán Zsófia, Visual Culture in the United States (Tue 14:00–15:30, R356, DAS)
  37. BMA-AMED17-240 Putz Orsolya, Language, Mind, and American Culture (Wed 08:30–10:00, R433, DAS)
  38. BMA-AMED17-402.02 Herlihy Jeffrey, Budapest in American literatures (Wed 10:30–12:00, R356, DAS)
  39. BMA-AMED17-402.03 Bán Zsófia, Gender and the American short story (Tue 12:00–13:30, R432, DAS)
  40. BMA-AMED17-413.02 Frank Tibor, Turning points in American history (Mon 10:00–11:30, R356, DAS)
  41. BMA-AMED17-414.02 Szabó Éva Eszter, Global migration in global politics (Fri 08:30–10:00, R356, DAS)
  42. BMA-AMED17-430.01 Putz Orsolya, Cognitiv Science and the critique of American society (Wed 13:30–15:00, R432, DAS)
  43. BMA-AMED-202 Bollobás Enikő, American Literary Canons (Thu 11:30–13:00, R356, DAS)
  44. BMA-AMED-203 Hegyi Pál, American literary theories (Tue 10:30–12:00, R432, DAS)
  45. BMA-AMED-250 Benczik Vera, American popular culture (Wed 14:00–15:30, R356, DAS)
  46. OT-ANG-211.01 Benczik Vera, American literature (Fri 09:30–11:00, D126, DAS)
  47. OT-ANG-220/a Fehér Réka, American culture (Mon 09:00–10:30, R433, DAS)
  48. OT-ANG-220/b Hoversen, William, American culture (Mon 11:30–13:00, R432, DAS)
  49. OT-ANG-220/c Szujer Orsolya, American culture (Mon 15:00–16:30, R433, DAS)
  50. OT-ANG-220/d Cseh Dániel, American culture (Tue 10:30–12:00, R356, DAS)
  51. OT-ANG-220/e Fehér Réka, American culture (Wed 12:30–14:00, R433, DAS)
  52. OT-ANG-220/f Cseh Dániel, American culture (Thu 10:30–12:00, R432, DAS)
  53. OT-ANG-220/g Hoversen, William, American culture (Thu 16:00–17:30, R432, DAS)
  54. OT-ANG-220/h Csorba Eszter Zsuzsanna, American culture (Fri 10:00–11:30, R432, DAS)