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course catalogue

autumn 2017

  1. BBN-ANG11-132/a den Dikken, Marcel, Introduction to Linguistics (Mon 12:30–14:00, R327, DELG)
  2. BBN-ANG11-132/b den Dikken, Marcel, Introduction to Linguistics (Wed 12:30–14:00, R414, DELG)
  3. BBN-ANG11-132/c Törkenczy Miklós, Introduction to Linguistics (Mon 12:30–14:00, R442, DELG)
  4. BBN-ANG11-132/d Nádasdy Ádám, Introduction to Linguistics (Thu 10:00–11:30, R442, DELG)
  5. BBN-ANG11-132/e Starcevic Attila, Introduction to Linguistics (Fri 08:30–10:00, R327, DELG)
  6. BBN-ANG11-132/f Marosán Lajos, Introduction to Linguistics (Wed 12:00–13:30, R327, DELG)
  7. BBN-ANG11-132/g Lázár A. Péter, Introduction to Linguistics (Fri 09:00–10:30, R423, DELG)
  8. BBN-ANG11-132/h Lázár A. Péter, Introduction to Linguistics (Fri 10:30–12:00, R423, DELG)
  9. BBN-ANG11-132/i Hordós Marianna, Introduction to Linguistics (Fri 11:30–13:00, R414, DELG)
  10. BBN-ANG11-132/j Hordós Marianna, Introduction to Linguistics (Fri 13:00–14:30, R327, DELG)
  11. BBN-ANG11-342.118 Newson, Mark, Deforested Syntax (Mon 09:00–10:30, R442, DELG)
  12. BBN-ANG11-342.130 Hordós Marianna, VPs, IPs, CPs (Thu 12:00–13:30, R442, DELG)
  13. BBN-ANG11-342.138 Lázár A. Péter, Lexicology (Tue 09:00–10:30, R442, DELG)
  14. BBN-ANG11-342.19 Szécsényi Krisztina, Theoretical Linguistics and Child Language (Tue 16:00–17:30, R327, DELG)
  15. BBN-ANG11-342.35 Hordós Marianna, The Development of Approaches to the Analysis of Nominal Constructions (Thu 14:00–15:30, R442, DELG)
  16. BBN-ANG-141 Szigetvári Péter, Foundations of Phonology (Wed 11:00–11:45, D126, DELG)
  17. BBN-ANG-151 Marosán Lajos, Foundations of Syntax (Mon 10:00–10:45, D126, DELG)
  18. BBN-ANG-241 Kiss Zoltán, Phonology (Mon 10:00–10:45, GvB, DELG)
  19. BBN-ANG-242/a Szigetvári Péter, Phonology (Tue 12:30–14:00, R327, DELG)
  20. BBN-ANG-242/b Szigetvári Péter, Phonology (Wed 14:00–15:30, R327, DELG)
  21. BBN-ANG-242/c Szigetvári Péter, Phonology (Wed 15:30–17:00, R327, DELG)
  22. BBN-ANG-242/d Törkenczy Miklós, Phonology (Wed 10:00–11:30, R327, DELG)
  23. BBN-ANG-242/e Starcevic Attila, Phonology (Thu 08:30–10:00, R327, DELG)
  24. BBN-ANG-242/f Starcevic Attila, Phonology (Thu 10:30–12:00, R423, DELG)
  25. BBN-ANG-242/g Starcevic Attila, Phonology (Fri 10:30–12:00, R414, DELG)
  26. BBN-ANG-242/h Kiss Zoltán, Phonology (Mon 12:00–13:30, R326, DELG)
  27. BBN-ANG-242/i Kiss Zoltán, Phonology (Thu 11:00–12:30, R327, DELG)
  28. BBN-ANG-242/j Kiss Zoltán, Phonology (Thu 13:00–14:30, R327, DELG)
  29. BBN-ANG-242/k Jánosy Márton, Phonology (Thu 10:00–11:30, 326, DELG)
  30. BBN-ANG-242/l Őri Péter, Phonology (Thu 15:30–17:00, 326, DELG)
  31. BBN-ANG-243 Kiss ZoltánSzigetvári PéterTörkenczy Miklós, Advanced Phonology (Wed 12:00–13:30, D126, DELG)
  32. BBN-ANG-251 Szécsényi Krisztina, Syntax (Mon 12:30–13:15, GvB, DELG)
  33. BBN-ANG-252/a Newson, Mark, Syntax (Wed 09:30–11:00, R442, DELG)
  34. BBN-ANG-252/b Newson, Mark, Syntax (Wed 11:00–12:30, R442, DELG)
  35. BBN-ANG-252/c den Dikken, Marcel, Syntax (Mon 16:00–17:30, R442, DELG)
  36. BBN-ANG-252/d den Dikken, Marcel, Syntax (Mon 18:00–19:30, R442, DELG)
  37. BBN-ANG-252/e Lázár A. Péter, Syntax (Mon 09:00–10:30, R327, DELG)
  38. BBN-ANG-252/g Hordós Marianna, Syntax (Wed 10:00–11:30, R326, DELG)
  39. BBN-ANG-252/h Hordós Marianna, Syntax (Wed 11:30–13:00, R326, DELG)
  40. BBN-ANG-252/i Szécsényi Krisztina, Syntax (Mon 15:30–17:00, R327, DELG)
  41. BBN-ANG-252/j Szécsényi Krisztina, Syntax (Mon 17:00–18:30, R327, DELG)
  42. BBN-ANG-252/k Szécsényi Krisztina, Syntax (Tue 14:00–15:30, R327, DELG)
  43. BBN-ANG-252/l Burukina, Irina, Syntax (Mon 10:00–11:30, 326, DELG)
  44. BBN-ANG-253 Newson, Mark, Advanced Syntax (Mon 11:00–12:30, GvB, DELG)
  45. BBN-FLN11-101/eng Lázár A. Péter, Foundations of Linguistics (Mon 11:00–12:30, D126, DELG)
  46. BMA-ANGD-A2 den Dikken, MarcelKiss ZoltánHordós MariannaLázár A. PéterMarosán LajosNewson, MarkStarcevic AttilaSzigetvári PéterTörkenczy Miklós, Linguistic Theory (Mon 14:00–15:30, R414, DELG)
  47. BMA-ANGD-CNy10.8 Newson, Mark, Case (Wed 13:30–15:00, R326, DELG)
  48. BMA-ANGD-CNy13.23 Kiss Zoltán, Linking and Intrusive R: A Reading Seminar (Wed 15:00–16:30, R442, DELG)
  49. BMA-ANGD-CNy13.24 Marosán Lajos, Reading Old English Poetry (Wed 13:30–15:00, R448, DELG)
  50. BMA-ANGD-CNy13.26 Starcevic Attila, Evolutionary Phonology (Tue 14:00–15:30, R326, DELG)
  51. BMA-ANGD-CNy17.134 Lázár A. Péter, Readings in the Morphology of English (Tue 11:30–13:00, R442, DELG)