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The Even Yearbook

The Even Yearbook is a biennial volume of papers by researchers teaching at the Department and PhD students of the English Linguistics Doctoral Programme. All the papers published since the series was launched in 1994 are freely available on-line. Hard copies of the collections also existed from 1994 till 2004. Read more...



  1. Judit Kormos, Self-Repair in the Speech of Hungarian Learners of English (supervisor: Zoltán Dörnyei, defence on 29 April, opponents: Csaba Pléh, Tamás Váradi, chair: Péter Medgyes, members: Mariann Nikolov, Tamás Váradi; summa cum laude)
  2. Krisztina Károly, The Role of Lexical Repetition in Text (supervisor: Kinga Klaudy, defence on 1 June, opponents: Péter Medgyes, Pál Heltai, chair: Ferenc Kiefer, members: László Budai, László Varga; summa cum laude)
  3. Anita Csölle, Discourse Cohesion in Spoken English Narratives (supervisor: László Varga, defence on 5 November, opponents: Kinga Klaudy, Tamás Váradi, chair Ferenc Kiefer, members: Péter Medgyes, Zsolt Lengyel; summa cum laude)
  4. 2000

  5. Lajos Marosán, The Parts of Speech and Meaning (supervisor: András Komlósy, defence on 15 December, opponents: László Kálmán, Péter Pelyvás, chair: Ferenc Kiefer, members: János Kelemen, Ádám Nádasdy; cum laude)
  6. 2001

  7. Zoltán Benedek Gráf, Length in Metrical Phonology (supervisor: Miklós Törkenczy, defence on 16 November, opponents: Péter Siptár, László Varga, chair: Mihály Péter, members: Péter Szigetvári, Gyula Zsigri; cum laude)
  8. Nóra Wenszky, Secondary Stress in English Words (supervisor: László Varga, defence on 14 December, opponents: Ádám Nádasdy, Péter Siptár, chair: Ferenc Kiefer, members: Tamás Szende, Gyula Zsigri; summa cum laude)
  9. 2003

  10. Judit Ferenczy, Grammatical and textual features of radio news (supervisor: Miklós Kontra, defence on 5 December, opponents: Tamás Váradi, Olga Bársony, chair: Kinga Klaudy, members: Anita Csölle, Judit Kormos, László Varga; cum laude)
  11. 2004

  12. Mariann Hordós, The Gerund (supervisor: Mark Newson, defence on 28 June, opponents: Csaba Czeglédi, Tibor Laczkó, chair: Katalin É. Kiss, members: Lajos Marosán, László Kálmán; rite)
  13. 2005

  14. Réka Benczes, A cognitive semantic analysis of English noun compounds (supervisor: Zoltán Kövecses, defence on 28 April, opponents: Péter Pelyvás, Gábor Tolcsvai Nagy, chair: László Varga, members: Loránt Bencze, Lajos Marosán; summa cum laude)
  15. Szilvia Zsuzsanna Csábi, Alternative conceptualization in English and Hungarian idioms (supervisor: Zoltán Kövecses, defence on 28 June, opponents: Lóránt Bencze, Sándor Martsa, chair: László Imre Komlósi, members: Péter Pelyvás, Lajos Marosán; summa cum laude)
  16. Miklós Gáspár, Coordination in Optimality Theory (supervisor: Mark Newson, defence on 5 December, opponents: Huba Bartos, Balázs Surányi, chair: Katalin É. Kiss, members: Marianna Hordós, Gábor Alberti, László Varga; summa cum laude)
  17. 2006

  18. Katalin Balogné Bérces, Strict CV Phonology and the English Cross-Word Puzzle (supervisor: Miklós Törkenczy, defence on 11 January, opponents: Péter Szigetvári, Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, chair: Péter Siptár, members: Krisztina Polgárdi, Ádám Nádasdy, László Kálmán; summa cum laude)
  19. Csaba Csides, Bidirectional Government in CV Phonology (supervisor: Ádám Nádasdy, defence on 12 January, opponents: Monik Charette, Péter Siptár, chair: Ferenc Kiefer, members: András Cser, Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, Péter Szigetvári, Miklós Törkenczy; cum laude)
  20. László Kristó, Synthetic and Analytic Suffixation in Old and Middle English (supervisor: Ádám Nádasdy, defence on 2 June, opponents: Péter Siptár, Péter Rebrus, chair: Mihály Péter, members: Veronika Kniezsa, Dóra Põdör, Péter Szigetvári, Miklós Törkenczy; summa cum laude)
  21. 2007

  22. Tamás Krisztián Eitler, Some Sociolectal, Dialectal and Communicative Aspects of Word Order Variation in Late Middle English (supervisor: Veronika Kniezsa, defence on 11 May, opponents: Ádám Nádasdy, Dóra Põdör, chair: Giampaolo Salvi, members: Tamás Váradi, Balázs Surányi, László Varga, András Cser; summa cum laude)
  23. 2008

  24. Dániel Huber, Velars and Processes: Their Treatrment in Phonological Theory (supervisor: Péter Szigetvári, defence on 29 February, opponents: Miklós Törkenczy, Krisztina Polgárdi, chair: László Varga, members: László Kristó, Péter Siptár; rite)
  25. 2010

  26. Attila Starčević, Middle English Quantitative Changes (supervisor: Péter Szigetvári, defence on 21 June, opponents: Katalin Balogné Bérces, László Kristó, chair: László Varga, members: Csaba Csides, Miklós Törkenczy, Péter Siptár, Judit Farkas; cum laude)
  27. 2011

  28. Péter A. Lázár, Principle and Compromise in the Dictionary: Interfaces of Theory and Application in Lexicography (supervisor: Gábor Prószéky, defence on 10 March, opponents: Béla Hollósy, Tamás Váradi, chair: Zoltán Kövecses, members: Sándor Martsa, Pál Heltai, Marianna Hordós, Lajos Marosán; summa cum laude)
  29. 2012

  30. Gergely Kántor, Syntactic processes and interface phenomena in comparatives (supervisor: Katalin É. Kiss, defence on 6 September, opponents: Huba Bartos, Balázs Surányi, chair: Giampaolo Salvi, members: Lajos Marosán, Csaba Czeglédi, László Varga; summa cum laude)
  31. Alexandra Fodor, Abbreviated if-structures: a diachronic corpus study between 1500 and 1990 (supervisor: Veronika Kniezsa, defence on 5 November, opponents: Dóra Pődör, László Kristó, chair: Zoltán Kövecses, members: Marianna Hordós, Irén Hegedűs, László Varga; cum laude)
  32. 2014

  33. Gizella Baloghné Nagy
  34. 2016

  35. Katalin Horváth
  36. 2018

  37. Tamás Csontos
  38. 2019

  39. Irina Burukina

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