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PhD in English Linguistics :: programme



  1. a degree (MA or equivalent)
  2. advanced knowledge of English
  3. successful Admission Interview

application package

An Application Package should contain:

  1. a copy of the university degree certificate
  2. a curriculum vitæ including conference presentations and/or publications (if any)
  3. a minimally two-page resumé of the applicant’s research interests and objectives including a proposal of planned research topic
  4. any other document that the University requires

application process

The exact dates of the application period are announced at the beginning of March every year.

Application forms are obtainable and should be submitted to:
ELTE BTK Doktori és Tudományszervezési Hivatal,
1088 Budapest, Múzeum körút 4 A
Telephone: +36(1)4855200x5176.
Office hours: see their page

The Admission Interview consists of a discussion of (i) the applicant’s research topic and interests and (ii) issues covered by any one of the following publications, as chosen by the applicant:

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