o v e r S E A S 2 0 2 1 waves

Orsolya Albert, The Fantastic and the Feminine Sublime of Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, BA thesis, supervisor: Katalin Szlukovényi

Noémi Dremmel, Benefits of Lexical Phrases in English Language Learning, BA thesis, supervisor: Brigitta Dóczi

Katalin Gay, Bringing Global Issues into the English Classroom through Storytelling, MEd thesis, supervisor: Rita Divéki

Tamás András Halm, Truncated Clauses in English and in Hungarian: Virtual Performatives in English — The Outlines of a Syntactic Analysis, BA thesis, supervisor: Marcel den Dikken

Jákob János Horváth, The Background of an American–Hungarian Political Game: The Return of the Holy Crown of St. Stephen, MA thesis, supervisor: Tibor Frank

Ákos Hunyadi, The Effects of Racial Politics on the 2020 American Presidential Election , BA thesis, supervisor: Réka Fehér

Hamza Khan, The Representation of Aboriginal Women in Australian Cinema, BA thesis, supervisor: Cecilia Gall

Fanni Kondorosi, Learners’ and Teachers’ Views on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Introvert in Second Language Acquisition: An Interview Study in a Hungarian Secondary School Context, MEd thesis, supervisor: Csaba Kálmán

Dóra Sápi, Lost Childhood: The Traumatic Experiences of Child Migrants in Australia and Their Search for Identity, MA thesis, supervisor: Cecilia Gall

Luca Mária Szikora, Voicing Assimilation in English and in Voicing Languages: A Comparison of English and Hungarian, BA thesis, supervisor: Zoltán G. Kiss

Kata Woynárovich, An Interview Study on Language Learning Motivation: The Case of English and Other Languages, MA thesis, supervisor: Kata Csizér

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