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Sanaa El Alaoui, Long Takes and Continuity in the Narrative of Filmic Language, BA thesis, supervisor: Miklós Lojkó

Virág Dancsó, The Hungarian Secondary School Student’s Difficulties When Learning English as a Global Language, MA thesis, supervisor: Francis J. Prescott

Afaf Hamada, The Representation of Australian Aboriginal Women in Selected Works by Non-Aboriginal Authors, MA thesis, supervisor: Cecilia Gall

Róbert Tamás Hauer, Realpolitik in America: Foreign Affairs by Henry Kissinger between 1969 and 1973, BA thesis, supervisor: William Hoversen

Péter Ittzés, American Philosophy in the Music of Charles Ives, BA thesis, supervisor: Amy Nicole Soto

Loretta Anna Jungbauer, Representation of Death in Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great, Parts One and Two, MA thesis, supervisor: Marcell Gellért

Berta Eszter Kaposi, Analyses of Stops After /s/ in English, BA thesis, supervisor: Zoltán G. Kiss

Emese Kertész, Dyslexic Language Learners in Hungarian School Education, MA thesis, supervisor: Enikő Öveges

Petra Kovács, How Native Language Phonology Affects L2 Speech Perception?, BA thesis, supervisor: Ágnes Albert

István Mátyás Mihályi, Aboriginal Land Rights in Australia, BA thesis, supervisor: Cecilia Gall

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