overSEAS 2015


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Noémi Csuka, New Conceptions of Canadian Values: Changing Immigration Policy (2008–2015), BA thesis, supervisor: János Kenyeres

Beáta Gubacsi, Sun Goddesses: The Representation of the Female Artist in A. S. Byatt’s Novels, MA thesis, supervisor: Judit Friedrich

Anna Málnási Csizmadia, Why English? English as a Foreign Language for Students with Special Needs, BA thesis, supervisor: Ágnes Enyedi

Izabella Menczer, Focus, Definiteness and Relative Clauses in There-sentences, BA thesis, supervisor: Mark Newson

Kornél Mihály Szabó, The Role of the United States Behind the Change of Regime in the Soviet Union, MA thesis, supervisor: Éva Eszter Szabó

Ágota Szűcs, The Summary Writing Processes of First Year EFL Learner BA Students, MA thesis, supervisor: Gyula Tankó

Zsombor Apród Váczi, Group Learning vs. One-to-one Learning: Students in the Spotlight, BA thesis, supervisor: Magdolna Kimmel

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