Editorial note

This is the 13th volume of The Even Yearbook that the Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University has published in every even-numbered year since its establishment in 1994.

As always, the volume contains working papers by staff and PhD students of the department. Marcel den Dikken looks at the use of infinitives instead of participles in periphrastic perfects and passives, comparing Dutch and English. Márton Jánosy (PhD student) collects cases of earlier unstressed [ɪ] becoming [ɪj] in initial syllables in English, arguing that the phenomenon is best explained by analogy. Mark Newson’s paper analyses the default accusative apparent in English. Attila Starčević looks at the various reflexes of Germanic [ɣ] in Old English, which are the result of palatalization, breaking, and i-umlaut. Péter Szigetvári argues that the unrounded and lowered “short u”, ie the vowel of strut is the same vowel as schwa, thus it is not the case that schwa in English only occurs unstressed.

We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their work in improving the quality of these papers.

December 2018
Mark Newson & Péter Szigetvári