Editorial note

This is the 12th volume of The Even Yearbook that the Department of English Linguistics at Eötvös Loránd University has published in every even-numbered year since its establishment in 1994.

As always, the volume contains working papers by staff and PhD students of the department. Ágnes Benkő (PhD student) looks at the phonetic characteristics of neutral vowels in a number of vowel-harmony languages in the light of recent experiments. Tamás Csontos (PhD student) writes about German nominal and pronominal arguments from within a Syntax First Alignment framework. Marcel den Dikken’s contribution concerns sentence initial niet constructions in Dutch, which he analyses as involving a topicalised negative constituent from which a focus has been extracted. Márton Jánosy (PhD student) discusses “breaking”, that is, the epenthesis of schwa between a diphthong and a following /r/ in English. Márton Kucsera (PhD student) investigates a little studied Hungarian construction involving preposed headed relative clauses. He proposes an Alignment Syntax analysis involving side switching as a mechanism to account for the position of the relative clause. Mark Newson attempts to extend Newson and Kucsera’s late lexical insertion approach to Hungarian multiple Wh-constructions to English. Péter Szigetvári focuses on Cj clusters in English, more specifically why they occur more frequently before an unstressed vowel than other similar consonant clusters.

We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their work in improving the quality of these papers.

December 2016
Mark Newson & Péter Szigetvári