minutes of the 2016-02-23 meeting of
the Department of English Linguistics,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest


voting members

  1. Marcel den Dikken, core member
  2. Hordós Marianna, core member
  3. Marosán Lajos, core member
  4. Nádasdy Ádám, core member
  5. Newson, Mark, core member
  6. Starčević Attila, core member
  7. Szécsényi Krisztina, core member
  8. Szigetvári Péter, core member, chair
  9. Törkenczy Miklós, core member

non-voting members

  1. Gőcze Borbála, teaching assistant
  2. Horváth Mihály, student representative
  3. Lelner Zsófia, teaching assistant
  4. Varga László, professor emeritus


  1. G Kiss and Hanzséros have excused themselves.
  2. Szigetvári announces that this is the last term Professor Nádasdy is teaching at the department as a full-time member. His retirement leaves the position of the head of the history section vacant. Dr Marosán accepts taking this responsibility.
  3. After a long and tedious journey the den Dikken book donation (several hundred recent linguistics books and journals) have arrived at the SEAS Library.
  4. Prof den Dikken suggests that we should organize an informal poster/talk presentation session for students interested in linguistics, potentially in the framework of BRCLT.
  5. Dr Marosán informs us that a group of students work in A−125 making books and other study materials accessible for blind students.
  6. Prof Törkenczy reports of the willingness of the linguists at University of Düsseldorf to establish Erasmus links with our department. Prof den Dikken reports that there is room for further visits for staff from the Artic University of Norway, Tromsø.
  7. The meeting ends in the SEAS Library, where members of the department accompanied by head librarian Deák and director Dr Kenyeres express their gratitude and joy over the newly-arrived book donation.

minutes kept by Péter Szigetvári
verified by Attila Starčević

Budapest, 2016-02-23

last touched 2016-02-24 00:24:49 +0100