minutes of the 2015-06-02 meeting of
the Department of English Linguistics,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest


voting members

  1. Hordós Marianna, core member
  2. Kiss Zoltán, core member
  3. Lázár A. Péter, core member
  4. Marosán Lajos, core member
  5. Nádasdy Ádám, core member, chair during item 1 on the agenda
  6. Newson, Mark, core member
  7. Starčević Attila, core member
  8. Szécsényi Krisztina, core member
  9. Szigetvári Péter, core member, chair during items 2–4 on the agenda
  10. Törkenczy Miklós, core member

non-voting member

  1. Hanzséros Mária, secretary


  1. Nádasdy opens the session. The department discusses the only applicant for being head of department in the next four years, while the applicant, Szigetvári, leaves the room. After the discussion, the department votes. The result of the vote is: 9 ayes, 1 invalid vote.
  2. The department votes for Marcel den Dikken becoming a member of staff. The result of the vote is: 10 ayes. In both cases the votes were counted by Hanzséros and Kiss.
  3. The department discusses room allocations. Marosán will be using R448 as a classroom in the next term. R450 will serve as an extra staff office. The final allocation of offices will be discussed in the next term.
  4. Newson will coordinate the sessions of the linguistic theory MA course to take place in the autumn term.

minutes kept by Attila Starčević
verified by Mária Hanzséros

Budapest, 2015-06-02

last touched 2015-06-02 16:50:04 +0200