minutes of the 2012-02-14 meeting of
the Department of English Linguistics,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest



Szigetvári Péter

voting members

  1. Farkas Judit, core member
  2. Hordós Marianna, core member
  3. Lázár A. Péter, core member
  4. Marosán Lajos, core member
  5. Nádasdy Ádám, core member
  6. Newson, Mark, core member
  7. Prommer Zsuzsanna, student representative
  8. Starčević Attila, core member
  9. Szigetvári Péter, core member
  10. Törkenczy Miklós, core member
  11. Varga László, core member

non-voting members

  1. Benkő Ágnes, teaching assistant
  2. Kucsera Márton, teaching assistant


  1. Szigetvári welcomes the department in the new term. Dr Kiss has excused himself, all other members of the department are present. Ms Prommer is the new student representative. Ms Benkő and Mr Kucsera also attend the meeting.
  2. The department survey the courses launched in the spring term and the students registered for them. The department has launched 9 core phonology seminars and 10 core syntax seminars, this turns out to be too many. It must be noted that the Dean has set a limit on minimum seminar quotas after the courses were scheduled. In the current situation any increase in group sizes endangers other groups and is therefore undesirable.
  3. Szigetvári asks if anybody has comments on the details of the workload calculation, which is planned to be reinstalled. Nobody has comments.
  4. The department surveys the BA theses that have been defended in the autumn term. Of the 10 theses only six were submitted, one failed, so there were 5 successfully defended theses in January. This is less than expected. Some discussion was sparked off about thesis evaluation. Nádasdy suggests that members of the department formulate new, more accessible thesis topics.
  5. Hordós talks about the student conference to be held in April. The teaching assistants are expected to participate. Abstracts are to be submitted by the end of February.

minutes kept by Péter Szigetvári
countersigned by Attila Starčević

Budapest, 2012-02-22

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