minutes of the 2009-09-15 meeting of
the Department of English Linguistics,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest



Törkenczy Miklós

voting members

  1. Hordós Marianna, core member
  2. Juhász Adrienn, student representative
  3. Kiss Zoltán, core member
  4. Lázár A. Péter, core member
  5. Nádasdy Ádám, core member
  6. Starcevic Attila, core member
  7. Szécsényi Krisztina, core member
  8. Szigetvári Péter, core member
  9. Törkenczy Miklós, core member
  10. Varga László, core member


  1. Marosán Lajos, Mark Newson and Farkas Judit have sent their apologies.
  2. The Department have discussed the number of seminars in phonology and the problems resulting from students taking syntax and phonology seminars at the same time. To avoid future overbooking, it was suggested that a means of chanelling students towards an either/or choice of phonology/syntax seminars per term would be welcome on the part of the body of students' representatives.
  3. The following issues have also been discussed briefly: the objectionable practice of BA students taking MA courses in the free track of BA studies, the issue of BA and old-type (ANN) theses in linguistics (a list of which was compiled by A. Starcevic), and universities with which a relationship could be forged in the future (a list of which was provided by the Dean's Office.
  4. The deadline of application for departmental teaching assistants has been extended until end of September.
minutes kept by
Attila Starcevic
minutes checked by
Péter Szigetvári
Budapest, 2009-09-15