minutes of the 2009-02-10 meeting of
the Department of English Linguistics,
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest



Törkenczy Miklós

voting members

  1. Bohus Andrei, student representative
  2. Farkas Judit, core member
  3. Hordós Marianna, core member
  4. Kiss Zoltán, core member
  5. Lázár A. Péter, core member
  6. Nádasdy Ádám, core member
  7. Newson, Mark, core member
  8. Starcevic Attila, core member
  9. Szigetvári Péter, core member
  10. Törkenczy Miklós, core member
  11. Varga László, core member


  1. The absent core members (Marosán Lajos and Szécsényi Krisztina) have sent their apologies.
  2. The Department has considered the consequences of the changes in the status of teaching assistants, a.k.a. demonstrators, and decided to act accordingly in compiling the list of BA courses in the autumn 2009 term.
  3. The Department has agreed to convene before section heads allot courses in the future to try to assess the number of courses required in every term.
  4. The Chair has informed the Department about the first MA entrace exams which will be an oral exam.
  5. The Department has considered the organisational side of adminstering the new MA courses in the future, amongst them the issue of 4-hour courses, their distribution per terms, the subject matter thereof, their impact on individual teaching load, as well as the possibility of jointly held courses.
  6. The Chair has stressed the importance of filling out the teaching load calculator for the past semester, as well as the necessity of checking existing course descriptions to avoid multiple or clashing course advertisements, and supplying those that are still missing.
  7. The Department has discussed the allocation of its new computers and its laptop.
  8. Bohus and Farkas have informed the Department about the first ‘Presentation Week’ (a poster session given by SEAS students) in February, an iniciative of the Department of English Applied Linguistics.
minutes kept by
Attila Starcevic
minutes checked by
Péter Szigetvári
Budapest, 2009-02-10