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programme, autumn 1997

8 October
Catherine O. Ringen, U. of Iowa
Variation in Finnish vowel harmony: an OT account
Professor Ringen in an expert on Hungarian, but now she will show us what OT can do with Finnish vowel harmony.
Speakers of upcoming events this term: Chris Piñón, the mythical initiator of BuPhoC; Mark Newson, this time on why X-bar theory is right after all; Csaba Csides and Szabolcs Gollob presenting their MA theses.

26 November
Mark Newson
What is right
Syntax is on the stage again: Mark is going to continue his spring talk titled ``What's wrong with X-bar theory''.

programme, spring 1998

25 February
Katalin Balogné Bérces, Zsuzsa Bárkányi and Zoltán Kiss
The Odd Yearbook 1997.
Please get your copy and prepare for the event by reading the papers.
Forthcoming speakers this term: Chris Piñón (really!), Collegium Budapest; Steven Berbeco, from Harvard Univ.\ with ELD this term; Ádám Nádasdy on the newest (15th) edition of the EPD.

11 March
Christopher Piñón
A distributive prefix in Polish
As the initiator of the circle, Chris was a long-awaited guest on the stage.

29 April
Ádám Nádasdy
The new edition of Jones' English Pronouncing Dictionary
Come and see what the 15th edition of this noble series looks like.
Next we will listen to Steven Berbeco on Consonant gradation in Hungarian

13 May
Steven Berbeco
Evidence of consonant gradation in Hungarian
Steven is a PhD student at Harvard University and a research assistant at ELD this term.

programme, autumn 1998

30 September
Moravcsik Edit
Comparing syntactic theories
After the talk there will be an OTDK meeting with students willing to present a talk at the Easter 1999 Conference in Pécs.

14 October
Mark Newson
Incontinence Theory: Problems with PP
The talk discusses the problems the traditional analysis of PPs raise.

28 October
Wolfgang Viereck
The Computer Developed Dialect Atlas of England, vol. 2
Professor Viereck is an old friend of our department, and this is his first talk in the BuPhoC series.

18 November
Henk van Riemsdijk

programme, spring 1999

24 March
Péter Dienes and Péter Szigetvári
Repartitioning the skeleton: VC phonology
We will argue that Lowenstamm's CV skeleton works much better if made up of VC units.

14 April
Mark Newson
The War of the Left Periphery
You are free to guess what Mark will talk about, it will surely be intriguing.

28 April
Péter Rebrus and Miklós Törkenczy
They will show us a class of Hungarian verbs which have a defective paradigm due to phonological reasons.

12 May
Huba Bartos
The Syntactic Aspects of Hungarian Inflectional Morphology
The talk will focus on how much of morphology is done in/by syntax, and how it is done. The moral of the story is: syntax shows its derivational side to us, and to morphology, while the latter will be seen as running on-line.

programme, autumn 1999

13 October
László Varga
Secondary Stress in Hungarian
The existence of secondary stress in Hungarian is debated, we are now going to hear arguments for it.

27 October
László Kristó
The vowel system of Late Proto-Slavonic
The talk will discuss the representation of late PSl vowels based on their behaviour (esp. `palatal harmony') and their reflexes in the dialects.

17 November
Zoltán Benedek Gráf
Footprints in Hungarian
Our colleague will tackle the mystery of the internal metrical structure of Hungarian words, and will present new arguments for a quantity-sensitive analysis.
On 8 December we will have Viktor Trón on the stage.

programme, spring 2000

1 March
Odd authors
Odd papers
That is, we are going to introduce The Odd Yearbook 1999 and The Even Yearbook 4 (2000).

22 March
Noel Burton-Roberts
Phonology in UG? An outline of representational phonology.
The author of Analysing Sentences, Professor Burton-Roberts now turns to phonology.

programme, autumn 2000

27 September
Miklós Törkenczy
Voicing assimilation: the embarrassing case of Hungarian
Miki will unveil the inconsistencies of Lombardi's analyses of voicing assimilation.
Coming soon: András Cser disclosing parts of his not-yet-public dissertation, Péter A. Lázár and György Varga introducing their brand new dictionary... and more...

25 October
Jens Allwood, Göteborg
Meaning Potentials. Determination of Meaning. The Polysemy of YES, NO and BUT.

Coming soon: on 26 October, at 16:30, Lázár and Varga will introduce their new dictionary in ADs 035 (if you wish to attend, please notify them at (1)3430552 or delg@ludens.elte.hu), at the end of November we will have Szilárd Szentgyörgyi on the stage, on 13 December András Cser will talk about consonant representations

29 November
Szilárd Szentgyörgyi
Why there are no aspirated stops in Russian and Hungarian?
Partly continuing Törkenczy's September talk, our colleague will contemplate on why languages differ in the types of laryngeal contrasts they exhibit.
András Cser will be our guest on 13 December (the ``6th'' last time was a typo).

13 December
András Cser
The representation of manner in obstruens
András is finishing his dissertation and will introduce us to the model he developed for representing the manner properties of consonants.

programme, spring 2001

7 March
Ádám Nádasdy
Vowel-lengthening in ormány-type words

21 March
Zoltán Kövecses
Three levels of metaphor
Mark Newson's talk has been postponed till after cherry tree blossoming.

28 March
Paul Kerswill (Reading)
`Salience' as an explanatory factor in language change:
evidence from dialect levelling in urban England

18 April
Mark Newson
Deforestation in syntax: A cherry-tree victim's revenge
Mark's recent dislike for trees is now turned against those of syntax. Beware of the shavings.

programme, autumn 2001

3 October
Hans Sauer, Munich
The major lexicographical enterprise: The dictionary of Old English

7 November
Mark Newson & Miklós Gáspár
Coordination and ellipsis in OT
Our colleagues are preparing a talk at Manchester and need our comments: do come and make them.

programme, spring 2002

27 February, Wednesday, 5 p.m., ADs 209
Giampaolo Salvi,
A szórendváltás néhány kérdése

6 March, Wednesday, 5 p.m., ADs 209
Eugeniusz Cyran, Lublin,
Liquid metathesis as lexicon optimisation
Dr Cyran, head of the Celtic Department at the Catholic University of Lublin, will be our guest from Wednesday to Saturday. He will give talks with discussions also on Wed, Thu and Fri at 2pm. Topics are here.

programme, autumn 2002

2 October, Wednesday, 5 p.m., ADs 209
Péter Szigetvári,
Branching onsets and syncope in English
I will argue that syncope-created consonant clusters resemble (tautosyllabic) branching onsets more than heterosyllabic clusters.

9 October, Wednesday, 5 p.m., ADs 209
Zoltán Kiss, Marianna Tóth, Ágnes Gyarmati and Gergely Kántor
The Odd Yearbook
Its editors and two authors talk about the volume and their own contributions.
The new Even Yearbook will be in our hands by the end of October, if you can't wait to see it till then, have a look at www.btk.elte.hu/delg/publications/even/2002.html

18 December, Wednesday, 5 p.m., ADs 209
Szécsényi Krisztina,
The left periphery of Hungarian non-finite clauses
Our new colleague will introduce us to what she finds interesting in linguistics.

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