Volume 9 (2003) Table of Contents

Barcsák, János. "The Ending of 'Tintern Abbey' and Paul de Man's Theory of the Performative Nature of Language." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 85-109. Abstract

Craps, Stef. " 'As if History Could Be Circumvented': Undying Memories in Graham Swift's The Sweet Shop Owner." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 197-222. Abstract

Fejérvári, Boldizsár. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Meet Edward II: A Study in Intertextuality." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 173-196. Abstract

Hubbard, Tom. "Dance of the Marionettes: Arthur Symons and Symbolist Theatre." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 110-116. Abstract

Juhász, Tamás. " 'A Pinch of Romance in the Commercial Kitchen': Tropes of Transformation in Lord Jim." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 148-172. Abstract

Kállay, Géza. " 'It is not so, nor 'twas not so': Funny Words and the Role-Playing of 'Double-Tongues' in Much Ado about Nothing." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 29-45. Abstract

Kiss, Attila. "Cloud 9, Metadrama, and the Postsemiotics of the Subject." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 223-232. Abstract

Kocic, Larisa. "Predestination in Milton's Paradise Lost and De Doctrina Christiana: Reply to Paul Sellin." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 65-84. Abstract

Kurdi, Mária. "The World and Work of Brian Friel: Interview with Richard Pine." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 233-251. PDF

Matuska, Ágnes. "An Ontological Transgression: Iago as Representation in Its Pure Form." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 46-64. Abstract

Tabi, Katalin. "Editing Shakespeare for the Stage: A Comparative Analysis of Act I Scene iv of Romeo and Juliet." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 1-28. Abstract

Tóth, György. "The Children of the Empire: Anti-Imperialism in Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden." The AnaChronisT [9] 2003: 117-147. Abstract