Volume 17 (2012/13) Table of Contents

Research Papers

Asztalos, Márta. "Family Romances in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!" The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 181-206.

Barcsák, János. "Creativity, Singularity, Ethics in Pope's Essay on Criticism." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 28-61.

Birden, Lorene M. "Saki as Dauphin of the Wildean Witticism." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 117-136.

Bodonyi, Dániel. "Pathways of Desire: The Appearance of an Amorous 'I' in Shakespeare's  Procreation Sonnets." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 1-27.

Cahill, Samara Anne. "An Untidy Finish: Atonement as Political Gothic." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 245-263.

Fogarasi, György. "Teletrauma: Distance in Burke's Philosophical Enquiry." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 62-87.

Macura-Nnamdi, Ewa. "Of Women and Decadence: Travel, Pleasure and Waste in Ella D'Arcy's 'The Pleasure-Pilgrim'." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 137-160.

Pataki, Éva. "On the Move: The Tourist and the Flâneur in Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal's Tourism." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 264-278.

Sanna, Antonio. "Are Human Beings Ultimately Ignorant? Huxleian Preoccupations in  H. G. Wells's The Time Machine and The War of the Worlds." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 229-244.

Simonova Strout, Irina I. "The Exploration of Female Identity in the Father-Daughter Dynamic in Caroline Bowles's Poetry." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 107-116.

Stott, G. St. John. "Conduct Books and Pride and Prejudice." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 88-106.

Swamidoss, Hannah. " 'You're So Yeller': Identity, Land, and the Third-Culture Subject in Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 161-180.

Tukacs, Tamás. "Memory, War and Trauma in Late Modernism: Henry Green's Caught." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 207-228.



Fejérvári, Boldizsár. "From Fake Lit to the Value of Real Nightingales: An Interview with Nick Groom." The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 279-297.


Book Reviews, 298-323

Gárdos, Bálint. "Marginalia and Marginal Figures in the Romantic Age." Review of Alex Watson, Romantic Marginality: Nation and Empire on the Borders of the Page (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2012) and Simon P. Hull, Charles Lamb, Elia and the London Magazine: Metropolitan Muse (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2010). The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 298-307.

Váradi-Kalmár, Zsuzsanna. "The Quest of the West - Heroes of Transformation." Review of Peter Whitfield, Travel: A Literary History (Oxford: The Bodleian Library, 2011). The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 307-313.

Czifra, Zsuzsanna. "(What) Does It Really Mean?" Review of Kathleen Dubs and Janka Kaščáková, eds., Does It Really Mean That? Interpreting the Literary Ambiguous (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars, 2011). The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 313-319.

Gyuris, Norbert. "Fantastic Liminality." Review of Sándor Klapcsik, Liminality in Fantastic Fiction (Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland, 2012). The AnaChronisT 17 (2012/13): 319-323.