Volume 13 (2007/8) Table of Contents

Christensen, Tim. "Kazuo Ishiguro and Orphanhood." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 202-216. Abstract

Croisy, Sophie. "Michelle Cliff's Non-Western Figures of Trauma: The Creolization of Trauma Studies." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 131-156. Abstract

Gellért, Marcell. "Room for Doubt in a Nutshell: (In)finite Spaces vs. Spatial (In)definition in Hamlet." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 27-40. Abstract

Iliásics, László. "The Paradox of Context: Wyrd, God and Progression Presented through The Wanderer and The Seafarer." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 1-26. Abstract

Jordan, Eamonn. "Menace and Play: Dissipating and Emerging Dramaturgies in Irish Theatre in the 1990s." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 157-180. Abstract

Maráczi, Géza. " 'A Peculiar Fusion of Soul': Narration, Characterisation, and the Self in Sons and Lovers." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 41-65. Abstract

Martínez-Alfaro, María Jesús. "Revisiting Modernism and the Myth of the Descent to the Underworld: The Fin-de-siècle Hell of Indifference and Fragmentation in Charles Palliser's The Sensationist." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 181-201. Abstract

Mráz, Attila Gergely. "The City as a Vacuous Common Place / Space in John Dos Passos's Manhattan Transfer." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 66-88. Abstract

Oziewicz, Marek. "Joseph Campbell's 'New Mythology' and the Rise of Mythopoeic Fantasy." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 114-130. Abstract

Sabatini, Federico. " 'Im-marginable Langscape': Re-creation and De-creation in Joyce and Beckett." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 89-98. Abstract

Swartz, Omar. "Buddhism as Critical Lens: The Dharma Bums as Social Criticism." The AnaChronisT 13 (2007/2008): 99-113. Abstract