Volume 12 (2006) Table of Contents

Asztalos, Márta. "Barthelme's Twisted Fathering: On Donald Barthelme, The Dead Father." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 198-219. Abstract

Detsi-Diamanti, Zoe. "Politicizing Aesthetics: The Politics of Violence and Sexuality in Colonial and Revolutionary Representations of America as an Indian Woman." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 61-78. Abstract

Ecsedy, Ágnes. "The Boke of Comforte Agaynste All Trybulacyons: An Introductory Study." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 1-21. Abstract

Hartvig, Gabriella. "János Batsányi's Early Translations of Ossianic Poems: 'The Death of Oscar.' " The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 79-100. Abstract

Juhász, Tamás. "The Dream of Sharing: Business and Community in Timothy Mo's Sour Sweet." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 220-232. Abstract

Mihálka, Réka. "Traduttore, Traditore? The Creative Translations of Ezra Pound's Cathay." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 141-166. Abstract

Olaoluwa, Senayon S. "Another Tale of Two Cities: Protesting Globalization in Odia Ofeimun's London Letter and Other Poems." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 251-268. Abstract

Paraizs, Júlia. "Received Text versus Authentic Text: Late Eighteenth-century Choices in Editing Shakespeare." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 101-114. Abstract

Pintér, Károly. "The Meaning of 31 Words: The Pledge of Allegiance and Its Interpretations." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 269-299. Abstract

Rosenthal, Edna. "A Certain Comparison: Lessing's and Eliot's Use of the Poetics." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 115-140. Abstract

Szele, Bálint. "Language and Ritual in T. S. Eliot's Sweeney Agonistes." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 167-182. Abstract

Tabi, Katalin. "Syntactically Honest: Iago's Character as Reflected in János Ács's 1989 Play-text." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 47-60. Abstract

Tynan, Maeve. "Mapping Roots in Derec Walcott's Omeros." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 233-250. Abstract

Vince, Máté. "The Accursed Tongue: The Rhetoric of Macbeth's Rage." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 22-46. Abstract

Ward, Robert. "Imprisonment in Nelson Algren's The Man with the Golden Arm." The AnaChronisT 12 (2006): 183-197. Abstract