Volume 11 (2005) Table of Contents

Antal, Éva. "The Ironical Allegory of Remembrance and Oblivion: (In Memory of Paul de Man and Jacques Derrida)." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 233-252. Abstract

Battai, Tamás Ivor. "Getting at 'The Figure in the Carpet.' " The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 159-182. Abstract

Bremer, Anette. "Worthy Objects: Visualising the Self in Elizabeth Macquarie's Journal of her Voyage to New South Wales, 1809." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 97-114. Abstract

Bülgözdi, Imola. " 'We Looked like Salt and Pepper': Children's Perception of Race in Short Stories by Southern Women Writers." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 183-195. Abstract

Child, Paul W. " 'The CASE of the Author': George Cheyne's Providential Medical Autobiography." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 70-84. Abstract

Coste, Bénédicte. " 'From Dreamlight to Daylight': Pater's Medievalism." The AnaCh­ronisT 11 (2005): 137-158. Abstract

Csizmadia, Balázs. " 'The Tale': A Self-conscious Fictional Artifice." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 196-223. Abstract

Dózsai, Rita. " 'That Power of Giving Pleasure': Johnson on Novelty in the Rambler." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 85-96. Abstract

Dragon, Zoltán. "Derrida's Specter, Abraham's Phantom: Psychoanalysis as the Uncanny Kernel of Deconstruction." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 253-269. Abstract

Ittzés, Gábor. "Fall and Redemption: Adam and Eve's Experience of Temporality after the Fall in Paradise Lost." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 38-69. Abstract

Koller, Nóra. "The Construction of Masculinity in The Matrix." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 294-320. Abstract

Matuska, Ágnes. "Haphazardly Ambidextrous: Interpretations of the Vice of 16th-Century English Drama." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 1-22. Abstract

Oroszlán, Anikó. " 'Actors' in 'Barbaresque Mantells': The Blackness of the Female Performers in Ben Jonson's Masque of Blackness." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 23-37. Abstract

Ruttkay, Veronika. "The Embodiment of Grief: Passion and Rhetoric in Coleridge and the 'New Rhetoricians.' " The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 115-136. Abstract

Sears, John. "George Szirtes's Meetings with 'Austerlitz.' " The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 321-340. Abstract

Takács, Ferenc. " 'anythongue athall': The Metathematisation of Language Identity in Finnegans Wake." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 224-232. Abstract

Warde, Anthony. " 'One Was a Woman, the Other a Man': A Psychoanalytic Study of Sexual Identity in the Novels of Toni Morrison." The AnaChronisT 11 (2005): 270-293. Abstract