László Varga’s birthday party

On 15 May 2013 we were celebrating Professor László Varga who turned 70. After speeches by Ferenc Kiefer, Bob Ladd (interpreted by Ádám Nádasdy), and Miklós Törkenczy, we listened to “Do you want to know a secret” originally written by John Lennon and actualized by Miklós Törkenczy for the event.  The song was performed by the Nyelvészkórus (led by Ágnes Füle, with Julianna Pándi and Ildikó Emese Szabó as vocalists, László Kálmán, Ádám Nádasdy, and András Cser as soloists, and Tamás Fegyverneki at the guitar). Afterwards Nóra Wenszky, Attila Novák and their four kids, Csilla, Bence, Tamás, and Csaba, sang a Russian birthday song to Laci.  Parts of the event were recorded and published on video by Ildikó Lázár, so you can enjoy it (again).

The event was also marked by the publication of a collection of papers: VLlxx: Papers presented to László Varga on his 70th birthday.