o v e r S E A S 2 0 1 9 waves

Ramóna Bene, Cooperation in the EFL Classroom, MA thesis, supervisor: Margit Szesztay

Flóra Anna Hegyi, Comparing Comparatives: Differences and Similarities of Comparative Constructions in English and Hungarian, BA thesis, supervisor: Krisztina Szécsényi

Sára Kákonyi, Alleviating Anxiety, MA thesis, supervisor: Éva Szabó

Máté Péter Kandikó, The Role of Feedback in the Development of Academic Writing Skills of L2 Students in Online Courses, BA thesis, supervisor: Nóra Németh Tartsayné

Zsófia Panna Papp, Military Veterans in United States Society, BA thesis, supervisor: Réka Fehér

Laura Seben, The Comparison of American and Hungarian Cultures Based on Hofstede’s Model and the Accounts of Americans Living in Hungary , BA thesis, supervisor: Ildikó Lázár

Imola Dalma Terbócs, Multicultural London: Migrant Identitites in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth and Andrea Levy’s Small Island, MA thesis, supervisor: Judit Friedrich

Boglárka Fanni Tóth, The Syntax of English News Headlines: A Truncation Approach, BA thesis, supervisor: Marcel den Dikken

Luxi Xu, The Features of Modernism in Dystopian Films, BA thesis, supervisor: Zsolt Czigányik