o v e r S E A S 2 0 1 8 waves

Nikolett Józsika, An Unlikely Public Idol: Bernard Spilsbury and the Derailment of Criminal Justice 1910–1947
BA thesis, supervisor: Miklós Lojkó

Sergei Kuzeev, “They Don’t Represent Us”: Visual Activism in the Contemporary U.S.
MA thesis, supervisor: Zsófia Bán

Alexandra Pék, The Use of Podcasts for Language Development
MA thesis, supervisor: Éva Szabó

Nóra Pethő, The Merchant of Venice from a Legal Point of View: Law as Fiction in The Merchant of Venice
MA thesis, supervisor: Géza Kállay/Márta Hargitai

Mónika Riesenberger, Representation of Aboriginal Identity in the Works of Jack Davis
MA thesis, supervisor: Cecília Gall

Veronika Szarka, The Influence of U.S. Foreign Policy on Korean Immigration to the United States
BA thesis, supervisor: Éva Eszter Szabó

Jamil Toptsi, The Impact of Digital Media Use on the L2 Motivational Self System
MA thesis, supervisor: Kata Csizér

Kitti Udvardy, Konglish: English Incorporated into Korean
BA thesis, supervisor: Andrea Thurmer

Balázs Ziaja, The Process of Language Acquisition and Attrition in Child and Adult Learners
BA thesis, supervisor: Ágnes Albert