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Szonja Dávid, Game of Feminism: The Portrayal of Women in the Game of Thrones, BA thesis, supervisor: Hegyi Pál

Gergő Fekete, Fostering a Global Mindset in the English Classroom: A Case Study Using the Film “Girl Rising”, MA thesis, supervisor: Szesztay Margit

Szilvia Janik, Situation-specific Influences on L2 Learners’ Willingness to Communicate, BA thesis, supervisor: Piniel Katalin

Janka Kovács, “Ye are underlings, underlings, and must be obedient”: The Representations of Disorderly Women in Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Literature, MA thesis, supervisor: Pikli Natália

Dorottya Márton, In Search of a 19th Century Utopia: Comparing Bellamy and Morris, BA thesis, supervisor: Farkas Ákos

Kinga Nagy, Education Policy in Australia: The Gonski Report, BA thesis, supervisor: Gall Cecília

Dávid Papp, High School Students’ Attitudes toward Lifelong Language Learning, MA thesis, supervisor: Öveges Enikő

Gergely Stemmer, A Comparative Analysis of Summary Teaching Methods, BA thesis, supervisor: Tankó Gyula

Bence Szrogh, US–Colombian Relations and the War on Drugs, BA thesis, supervisor: Szabó Éva Eszter

Eszter Törék, Time, the Fair Youth, and the Poet: The Question of Eternality in the Sonnets of William Shakespeare, BA thesis, supervisor: Csikós Dóra