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Nóra Beregi, Informal Ways of Autonomous English Language Development in the Hungarian Context, BA thesis, supervisor: Zsolt Király

Fruzsina Fónagy, Women in Sports and the Treatment of Female Athletes in the United States of America , MA thesis, supervisor: Stanley A. Ward

Kitti Horváth, The Impact of Colonisation on Australian Aboriginal Languages, BA thesis, supervisor: Cecília Gall

Dominika Káli, The Predicitve Value of Proficiency Testing, BA thesis, supervisor: Gergely Dávid

Mátyás Bence Lagos Cortes, Complementisers in the English Language: The Distribution of the CP Projection, BA thesis, supervisor: Mark Newson

Loránd Papp, Investigating Advanced Learners’ Language Anxiety Using an Idiodynamic Approach, MA thesis, supervisor: Katalin Piniel

Péter Simon, The Influence of Far Right and Libertarian Politics on US Economy, BA thesis, supervisor: Stanley A. Ward

Dóra Szirtes, The Benefits of Developing Summarisation Skills, BA thesis, supervisor: Gyula Tankó

Csilla Tatár, A Semantic Analysis of English Cataphoric Constructions, MA thesis, supervisor: Péter Mekis

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