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Ákos Csernák, The Bilingual Aphasia (BAT) system: Its use and future directions, BA thesis, supervisor: Illés Éva

Barbara Koskó, “With a Faery, Hand in Hand”: The Appearance of Fairies and Folklore in Victorian Literature, BA thesis, supervisor: Dóra Csikós

Janka Kovács, “What art thou, thou idle ceremony?” The Funeral Representation of Elizabeth I (1558–1603), BA thesis, supervisor: Andrea Velich

Márton Kucsera, English restrictive relative clauses in Optimality Theory, MA thesis, supervisor: Marianna Hordós

Dávid Pápai, Resisting Normative Power: Foucault, Herculine Barbin and Counter-Memory, MA thesis, supervisor: Andrea Timár

Júlia Sipos, Victimized women in Toni Morrison’s fiction: Overcoming the victim mentality in “Paradise”, BA thesis, supervisor: Vera Benczik

Tamás István Soproni, Pacific Solution: The most controversial immigration policy of the 2000s, MA thesis, supervisor: Cecilia Gall

Anna Talhammer, The role of Information and Communication Technologies in language acquisition, BA thesis, supervisor: Magdolna Kimmel

Anne Teravainen, Motivation, self-regulation and autonomous learning behaviour in an EFL context, MA thesis, supervisor: Katalin Wein Csizér

Dóra Vecsernyés, “We’re a narrative animal, aren’t we?”: Remembrance in the Fiction of Julian Barnes, MA thesis, supervisor: Judit Friedrich

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