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Ágnes Benkő, The Role of Markedness in Phonological Theory, MA thesis, supervisor: Miklós Törkenczy

Zsuzsanna Czifra, Ethics and Narrative in Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing, MA thesis, supervisor: Andrea Timár

Gergő Fekete, First Language Attrition in Bilingual Speakers: The Influence of Non-linguistic Factors, BA thesis, supervisor: Ágnes Albert

Beáta Gubacsi, William Blake’s Influence on Salman Rushdie’s Novel The Satanic Verses, BA thesis, supervisor: Judit Friedrich

Veronika Hegedűs, The Uncanny in Faulkner’s Southern Gothic: An Analysis of The Sound and the Fury, BA thesis, supervisor: Éva Federmayer

Márton Jánosy, Pre-L Breaking in English: Dark-L Influence on the Preceding Vowel, BA thesis, supervisor: Ádám Nádasdy

Evelyn Kardos, Metaphorical Thought in Culture and Translation: A Comparative Analysis of English and Hungarian, BA thesis, supervisor: Krisztina Károly

Berbadett Molics, The effects of L2 on L1 in bilingual highschools, BA thesis, supervisor: Christopher Ryan

Simon Ness, The Relationship between Motivation, Self-efficacy and Foreign Language Anxiety: An Investigation of Non-native English Teachers, MA thesis, supervisor: Kata Csizér

Magdolna Pongor, Cultural Differences between the English and the French: The Discrepancy of Values as Reflected in Everyday Life, BA thesis, supervisor: Magdolna Halápi

Christine Sáfián, Native American Experience and the Development of the United States: The Causes of Population Decline, MA thesis, supervisor: Éva Eszter Szabó

Csilla Tatár, A Posteriori Fall: Representations of the Fall in Blake’s Songs, BA thesis, supervisor: Zsolt Komáromy

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