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Orsolya Aporfi, Common Problems of the Integration of Technology into the English Language Classroom in Secondary School, BA thesis, supervisor: Mark Andrews

Réka Dorottya Fehér, Lobbyists’ Role in Lawmaking, BA thesis, supervisor: Stanley Ward

Júlia Laki, Renaissance Metaphors of the Body: The Verbal Construction of Marginal Bodily States in William Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece and John Donne’s Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, BA thesis, supervisor: Dóra Csikós

Mária Manninger, Typical Hungarian Mistakes in the Pronunciation of English Vowels: Mispronunciation Caused by the Different Vowel Inventories and Rules in the Two Languages, BA thesis, supervisor: Miklós Törkenczy

Judit Molnár, The Importance of Motivation in Language Learning: A Study on the Motivational Profiles of High-Achieving Students, BA thesis, supervisor: Zsolt Király

Zsófia Varga, In Defence of Universal Grammar: A Synthesis of Results from First and Second Language Acquisition Studies, BA thesis, supervisor: Gergely Tamási

Janina Vesztergom, “And I Choose Never to Stoop” Focalisation and Diegesis in Robert Browning's Complementary Dramatic Monologues, MA thesis, supervisor: Dóra Csikós

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